Man is Art

What started as a journey to discovering a skincare product that works, eventually became Mo’ Black; A Skincare brand passionate about helping humans  see they are “fearfully and wonderfully made”.The new product line focuses on helping men look and feel their best. I worked with my team at Hyraki studios and we created the film. Our mission is to communicate the brand’s core values to a more focused market “MEN” ­­­­­­­­and drive the brand’s growth.

Client ︎︎︎ Moblack Signatures
Agency ︎︎︎ Hyraki studios
Creative Direction ︎︎︎ Olamide Rowland.
Producer & Project Manager︎︎︎ Temini Balogun
Supporting animators ︎︎︎ Olusesan Tolu, David Busuyi 
Music and Sound design ︎︎︎ Victor Olusoji